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Head Coach: Ross Davey

Ross has been involved in CrossFit for over two years. He has coached in a number of CrossFit boxes in the USA. He and his family have now returned to his home town of Greenock to open CrossFit Caber.


He has been coaching CrossFit since 2013 in a number of gyms in the USA.


Ross discovered CrossFit while training for a 50k trail race in Colorado. He was beat up after long long training runs, and he had lost his love of running. Before finding CrossFit Ross had tried pretty much every fitness fad thought of: MMA, at home DVD sets, "normal" gym programs,  and long distance running. All he wanted was to be fit and healthy. Only when he found CrossFit did he start to see the changes he was looking for. He loves the fact that every day is different and that even if you are strong in one area of fitness CrossFit will uncover and develop your weakness.


His whole focus when training is his family. He wants to be able to play with his grand kids when he is old.

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