Getting Started!

Complimentary CrossFit Introduction Class

We offer a complimentary, no strings attached, introduction class for anyone interested in trying CrossFit Caber. Attend any class time on Thursday or Sunday and our highly trained staff will adapt that days workout to you!


The class lasts 1 hour and we will spend some time explaining what we do, and answering any questiosn!


You can sign up for these classes by contacting us through email or facebook.

CrossFit Starter Package

Once you have tried a free class the next stage is out starter package.

We do two 1-2-1 sessions to get you ready to come into our classes. 

The first session we do a full mobilty screen to make sure we adapt things correctly for you! We also cover the correct starting point for you, and how to advance, with bodyweight movements.

The second session we go over the loaded movements, explain why we have you starting with certian movements before more advanced ones and get a plan in place for you with any skill work you want to imporve on. We also go over the results fromt he mobilty screen and if needed assign you set work to impove on these areas.

After that we roll you into class for two weeks unlimited classes using the On Ramp process.


On Ramp

For the first while we require all members to perform the on ramp version of the work out. We want to use this time to reinforce what you have learned in the 1-2-1 sessions, and make sure you understand the importance of proper technique.


Don’t worry you will still get a great workout, but we want to give your body time to adapt to CrossFit!

Money Back Guarantee 

We now offer a 100% refund on your first month's membership. If for any reason you are not happy with our service just let us know!


All we ask is that you come at least 3 times per week during the first month to give us a fair shot!



We are located at:

12 Clarence Street


PA15 1LR

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